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Autonomous Pick-Up

Our patented Drone Recharging Operational Payload System (DROPS) allows any drone to autonomously align and capture our Cargo POD.

Extended UAV Ranges  


The DROPS batteries provide supplemental power to the drone in-flight, extending the range of the drone. On the ground the DROPS batteries are easily charged through an induction charging system located at the base of the POD.
Chargeable, longer range, and efficient.


Heavy Lift Cargo

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Tactical Resupply

DROPS is capable of mission-critical tactical resupply missions without the need to train the warfighter.
The UAV delivers the bulletproof POD to the warfighter, the UAV flies away and leaves the POD and supplies. 

Autonomous Cargo Capture

The patented DROPS alignment and capture system allows for autonomous cargo capture and release, saving valuable time handling, loading, and receiving supplies.
For the first time. Ever.

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The Cargo PODs an be offered in multiple sizes UAV Groups1thru 5. From ship-to-ship electronic deliveries to Urban Air Mobility moving people around cities.
Select the UAV and the appropriately sized POD for the mission.

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