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In the last few months we have flown demonstration flights with the US Army Future's Command, US Navy and US Marines to prove our design and Concept of Operations.

Now we plan to expand our designs and partnerships in both Commercial and Military sectors via a Series A raise.

If interested in investing in our expansion please email


Accredited Investors, Minimum Investment $50,000 USD

Raise: $1.25MM

Common Equity 

Valuation $12.5MM

Follow-on funding plan: DoD OTA's and SBIR's

About Us

TB2 was formed in Colorado, USA in late 2020 by retired Naval Aviator, Test Pilot Instructor and Aeronautical Engineering Professor Hank Scott.


In the space of 18 months we progressed from an idea to a fully patented system that has been designed, built,  integrated and test flown on several UAV's.


We plan to develop PODs in multiple sizes to demonstrate the CONOPs with a variety of UAV's from small Group 1 ISR PODs to large Group 5 PODs able to carry people for both Commercial Urban Air Mobility operations to military heavy lift resupply.


Hank is joined by:


Lt Col. US Army (Retired) Brad Perkins who specializes in helping companies access the DoD, 


Commodore Vince DiPietro retired Commander of Royal Australian Naval Aviation and former CEO of Lockheed Martin Australia

And a team of 12 Engineers and former Naval and Army Aviators.

In the next year we expect to:

Conduct Group 1 POD flights with a medical delivery eVTOL,

Demonstrate swarm Firefighting tests of multiple Group 3 PODs,

Conduct military demonstrations in Australia, UK and India, and 

Refine our design with the help of two very large Aerospace/Defense OEM Partners.

Continue to integrate with a wide variety of UAV manufacturers of all sizes and types including eVTOL, Quads, multi-rotor and Hybrids.

Demonstrate autonomous alignment and capture of a POD from a moving General Dynamics MUTT Unmanned Ground System for US Army Tactical Resupply

Invest in Our Expansion

Our Team
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